Bodegas with Junk Food Won’t Cut it Anymore in Reading


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Folks in Reading, PA see more fast food restaurants and corner stores than they do fresh food outlets. Bodegas are commonplace too, catering to the city’s large Latino population. Some community organizations in Reading are working to get healthier, fresh foods in their underserved area.

The seasonal Penn Street Market outside the Berks Community Health Center in began accepting state-issued farmers’ market vouchers and food stamps last year.

The vouchers are just for fruits and vegetables, but the food stamps can be used for goods such as cheese, yogurt, bread and eggs.

The Food Trust, a non profit that works to improve fresh food access in areas of need, is working in Reading to bring better, healthier foods into the neighborhoods that need them.

Read more about food access in Reading here.

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for every Latino neighborhood, compared to 3 for every non-Latino neighborhood

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