“Cold Turkey” Best Way to Quit Smoking, Study Finds


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If you want to quit smoking, it is better to quit all at once, NBC Health reports.

A study by Oxford University “randomly assigned almost 700 adult smokers to either an abrupt quitting or gradual reduction group. Each person set a ‘quit day’ of two weeks after they entered the study, and saw a research nurse once a week until then.”

After 4 weeks of tracking 700 adults, researchers found that 40% of the gradual group were not smoking compared to 49% of the abrupt quit group.

“However, with smoking, the norm is to advise people to stop all at once and our study found evidence to support that,” Nicola Lindson-Hawley, lead study author told Reuters Health by email. “What we found was that more people managed to quit when they stopped smoking all in one go than when they gradually reduced before quitting.”


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