Heavily Latino Populated Cities/States among “Hardest Working” in the U.S.


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Latinos are the fastest growing racial and ethnic minority population in the country. They are already the largest and youngest and are closing the gaps in several key inequity gaps, including education and health care access.

Another important social determinant of health is employment. The ability to find sustainable and equitable employment is key in factoring the long-term health of most individuals.

A new report from the financial site WalletHub has helped determine what the “hardest working” cities in the United States are. Using six metric measures, the site compared the 116 largest cities in the country. These measures include “labor-force participation rate,” “average weekly work hours,” and “share of workers with multiple jobs.”

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According to the site’s findings, Anchorage, AK (8.92% Latino population) was the hardest-working city in the country. Numerous cities in Texas (38.42%), California (38.39%), and Arizona (30.33%), made the top 25 on the list.

The U.S. workforce is in stark contrast to other developed nations. The research for this study found that Americans work 25% more hours than their peers in Europe.

Read the full study here.

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