How to Start a Coordinated School Health Program


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This blog describes what a coordinated school health program (CSHP) is and how one can go about getting one started.
From the time a child starts school to the time they go off to college, a child will spend thousands of hours in class. Therefore, it is to the benefit of students to be able to participate in a a program that offers them an opportunity to be healthy for the rest of their lives.
There are 8 components that make up a CSHP:

(1) health education;
(2) physical education;
(3) health services;
(4) nutrition services;
(5) counseling, psychological, and social services;
(6) healthy and safe school environments;
(7) health promotion for staff;
(8) family/community involvement.
After one gets support from the school’s administration, a plan which prioritizes the needs of students should be developed. Afterwards, options for training staff and the community should be considered.

Click here to gain more insight from the group over at Spark PE on how to start a coordinated school health program.

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