Latinas and Breast Cancer: “Should I Worry?”


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Margaret Moran

Margaret Moran, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), explored the often-frightening term “breast cancer” among Hispanics in a recent Huffington Post article.

She notes that, even though Latinas have lower breast cancer rates, they are screened less and are diagnosed at later disease stages. Breast cancer is alos the most-diagnosed cancer among Latinas.

When I was a young girl, we didn’t talk about breast cancer. Now, we must not only talk about it, but be sure that all women have access to proper screenings and treatments. We need to ensure that Hispanic women have the knowledge and medical care to put an end to this disease. Breast cancer affects everyone, not just the person diagnosed. Likewise, everyone needs to do their part to minimize the risks within our community.

Read Moran’s full article here. Read more about Moran here.

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of Latinos remain without health insurance coverage

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