Merck Manuals Now Available in Spanish


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The United States is the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world after Mexico,  yet the number of bilingual doctors has declined steadily over the last 30 years and medical information for Spanish speakers remains limited.330181

With that in mind, Merck Manuals recently translated its trusted medical resources into Spanish.

“The best medical information worldwide is documented in English as a universal language, but unfortunately, the advances in diagnosis and treatments for common medical conditions are out of reach for all the people around the world who don’t speak English,” said Dr. Hector Gonzalez Usigli, based in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Merck Manuals author.

“Having a resource translated into their native language is highly important to help increase their medical knowledge, which could make a difference between health and disease for families and entire communities.”

The manuals translated include articles, educational quizzes, how-to videos and medical calculators.

The manuals are now available on in the United States and outside the U.S.

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