Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living’s Active-Play Active Learning Program


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The Michael & Susan dell Center for Healthy Living have multiple programs and projects that promote healthy living. Active-Play Active Learning (APAL) is just one of the many healthy programs that encourages healthy changes for kids. APAL is a school-based initiative that allows kids to become more active in recess and school time. APAL is incorporated through three main approaches:

  • Classroom Brain Breaks– brief activity breaks that support academic learning and contribute active class transitions
  • School Playground Markings– beautified playground areas with locomotor markings that encourage learning and activity during recess and class time
  • Peer-Led Games– five to ten minute student led games

Three times a year teachers are trained with interactive games and activities to incorporate in the classroom. In turn, the children are learning that active-play and active learning go hand-in-hand, promoting a lifestyle of healthy learning and activity education. According to data from the Pew Hispanic Center U.S. Census Bureau, Latino enrollment into elementary schools is only on the rise, making these programs essential to Latino kids’ health. These changes in the classroom may be able to positively affect the Latino kid’s overall lifestyle by incorporating physical activity into their daily lives.

Read more on APAL‘s blog and visit the center’s projects page to learn about the various programs and projects that encourage healthy living!

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of Latino parents support public funding for afterschool programs

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