Millions Fund Safe Drinking Water For Schools in California


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Schools in California will now be having access to safe drinking water, as California Governor Jerry Brown approved $9.5 million in the state’s budget to ensure school filtration systems provide students clean water.

California has dealt with various droughts, leading to contamination and shortages of clean water creating a lack of access to safe drinking water in many homes, businesses, and schools.

Over 100 schools will be helped by the funds, addressing previous issues of lead and uranium that was found in some schools water fountains. However, an estimated 980 to 1,690 schools are still dealing with water contamination issues.

The Drinking Water Advocates Coalition applauded the Governor and Legislator for taking these vital steps to ensure safe drinking water in the middle of the state’s water crisis.

Now, according to the recent press release, over one hundred thousand California students will have access to safe drinking water.

Having access to clean water at school is vital in helping Latino kids maintain a healthy weight and reduce health risks associated with consuming unhealthy drinks with added sugars.

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