Mind the Gap: Using Public Transportation to Connect Neighborhoods and Grocery Stores


Latino Health FArmers Market Public Transportation
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Public transportation matters for healthy food access.

When grocery stores aren’t close to home, which is the case in many Latino neighborhoods, people lack access to healthy food-and various other destinations. Public transportation can play a huge role in connecting families in disadvantaged areas to healthy resources to build a culture of health for everyone.

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership developed a 2-page fact sheet which identifies inequities in access and provides examples of strategies for transit agencies to connect neighborhoods and grocery stores.

Safe Routes also developed a fact sheet outlining the role of transit agencies in improving food access. Check out these solutions to help transit agencies create and strengthen the connection between neighborhoods and grocery stores.

Strengthening the transit link between neighborhoods and grocery stores improves opportunities for physical activity, further building a culture of health.

SHARE these incredible new resources with your local transportation department and agencies, then contact them to see which strategies will work in your community.


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