Mississippi Governor Urges Training Day Care Workers to Improve Early Education


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The first few years are critical for preparing kids for life, yet early childcare employees are the least prepared. They often only have a high school degree, thus aren’t equipped to give kids the care and services they need during their formative years.

Mississippi Governor, Phil Bryant, told residents at the Neshoba County Fair in July 2017 that he plans to improve early childhood education across the state by training day care workers. He hopes to use federal and state funds to provide training through the state’s 15 community colleges, at no cost to the workers, according to one source.

According to Governor Bryant’s Twitter account, “Our community colleges are now educating our childcare workers on early childhood education best practices. Our children deserve the best.”

Latino kids have many education and behavioral disadvantages before starting kindergarten. Quality early care may help improve school readiness and lead to greater long-term benefits.

Does your state prioritize early childcare and education?

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Latino kids suffer 1 or more ACE, (i.e. poverty, neglect, abuse, etc.)

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