New York Teen Health Survey Results


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New York State Senate Co-Leader and Leader of the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) Jeffrey D. Klein along with assemblyman Felix Ortiz has announced his support of a handful of bills introduced in the State legislature that hope to health youth live healthier lives.

Klein also revealed the results of a health education survey that shed some light on what teens know and don’t know about healthy living. As part of the Teen Health Awareness Campaign launched in 2013, the IDC administered a Teen Health Awareness and Education survey, a 23-question survey for teenagers in junior high and high schools throughout the State. The survey was designed to gauge knowledge on three issues that can have a great impact on their health: obesity, substance abuse, and endometriosis. The survey was anonymous and represented all geographic areas of New York, presenting a general picture of teenagers’ knowledge on these important health issues.

The results indicated that many teenagers lack an overall understanding of proper diet and do not get the recommended amount of exercise each day.

Read the survey results: NYC Teen Obesity Knowledge Report

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