Osteoporosis Medication Could Prevent Breast Cancer


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Breast cancer is the leading cause of death in Latina women, especially those who are BRCA1 positive, but according to researchers a drug commonly used160621102808-01-drug-denosumab-may-block-breast-cancer-exlarge-169 to treat osteoporosis may prevent breast cancer, CNN reports

According to results from a study published in the journal Nature Medicine, the drug, denosumab, “can stop certain breast tissue cells with the mutation from morphing into cancerous tumors.”

“If this is an effective prevention strategy, then our hope is that it will be possible to prevent or delay breast cancer in women with a BRCA1 mutation and possibly other women at high genetic risk,” said Jane Visvader a co-author of the study. “It would be great if this strategy could ‘buy time’ for women considering having mastectomies.”

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