Outreach Efforts Important to Latinos in Oregon


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Latinos are already the largest racial and ethnic minority group in the United States. This diverse population continues to grow and all across the country, communities are looking for efforts to increase outreach among Latinos.

In Albany, OR (9.55% Latino population), efforts to reach Latinos have increased significantly in recent months.

The Greater Albany Public School district has started hosting regular meetings for Latino families at the Boys & Girls Club of Albany to discuss matters important to the community.

Two groups, Amigos Latinos and the Community Outreach Meetings for Parents (COMPAS), have recently organized chats with members of the community to discuss the topics that concern them the most.

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The Spanish-language meetings discuss topics such as parent engagement in schools and farm and field workers’ rights.

“I’ve been talking to a bunch of parents, following up about [the meeting],” said Josh Davalo, South Albany High School’s Student and Family Diversity Coordinator in an interview with the Albany Democrat-Herald. “They’re really excited.”

You can read more about the groups and their efforts here.

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