Preschool Programs Help Latino Kids Outperform their Classmates in Third Grade


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Low-income Latino kids who attended early education programs at age 4 did better in third grade than other public school children, according to a study conducted using data from the Miami School Readiness Project (MSRP).

Unfortunately, fewer Latino children are enrolled in early education programs than non-Latino children.

Researchers looked at data from 11,902 low-income Latino children in Miami (66.8% Latino) to assess children’s performance on state standardized tests of math and reading as well as children’s grade point average (GPA) in third grade.

“We found that those children who took part in public school prekindergarten programs started kindergarten with stronger academic skills, more optimal social-behavior skills, and English-language proficiency,” Arya Ansari, a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Virginia (who was at the University of Texas at Austin at the time of the study) said.

Investment in early childhood education is critical to close the academic and health gap.

Share this study with friends, family, and decision makers to boost availability of and access to early care and education to improve Latino health in your community.

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of Latino parents support public funding for afterschool programs

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