Report: Latinos Less Likely to Get Cancer, but More Likely to Die From It.


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According to a new report by the American Cancer Society, Latinos are at lesser risk of cancer than non-Hispanic whites, but it’s also a leading cause of death in the Latino community, NPR Health reports.

Among the key findings “People of Hispanic origin are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer at a later stage, when it’s more likely to be fatal. That’s especially true for melanoma and breast cancer.”

Stomach, liver and gallbladder cancers tend to be more common among Latinos, “while breast cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer are more common among whites.”

Country of origin also plays a role. Mexicans and Cubans are at higher risk of death from stomach cancer in the U.S. than other Latinos.

“First-generation immigrants have lower cancer rates than Hispanics born in the U.S. Again, behavior plays a role. “

The report also found the rate of Latino teens who drink alcohol is higher than whites, 37.5 percent compared to 36.3 percent of white teens.


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