Salud Talks Podcast Episode 22: “Children in Crisis”


Children in Crisis Welfare Assistance
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Have you ever encountered a child in need? This can come in many forms, including those who need financial, food, or even foster care assistance from the state.

While most might think they probably don’t know such a child, experts say that’s likely not the case. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that 51.7% of children lived in households that received some form of government assistance in 2017.

Today, Dr. Kathy Fletcher, the President and CEO of Voices for Children of San Antonio, and State Representative of Texas’ 124 district, Ina Minjarez, join Salud Talks to discuss their work with children in crisis, and, what we all can do to provide our community’s children with a brighter future.

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In this episode, we explore questions such as:

  • What are traumas impacting children, today?
  • How are local, state, and federal legislators addressing these issues?
  • How can people help children in their communities achieve better life outcomes?

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of Latino children are living in poverty

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