Salud Talks Podcast Episode 24: “Reworking Recycling”


STE24 Reworking Recycling
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Amid a global pandemic, most find themselves inside their homes more than ever.

While this is tough for some and easier for others, one thing is apparent: Many are asking some tough questions, including, are the systems that are currently in place operating in the best interest of everyone? One system in question is how our local, state, and federal governments—as well as every citizen in the country—practices sustainability.

In January, we sat down with government officials from ReWorks San Antonio, an agency of the city’s Solid Waste Management Department, that aims to connect businesses to cost-effective recycling solutions and promote those businesses among consumers who value social responsibility.

Check out this discussion on the Salud Talks Podcast, Episode 23, “Reworking Recycling“!  STE2 Reworking Recycling Twitter Graphic

  • WHAT: A #SaludTalks discussion about how to implement sustainability-focused recycling efforts in communities throughout the U.S.
  • GUESTS: Brian Halverson, Environmental Services Manager, Felicia Madison, Special Project Manager, and Rachel Bautista, Solid Waste Recycling Coordinator
  • WHERE: Available wherever fine podcasts are downloaded, including Apple Podcasts, SpotifySoundCloudTune In, and others
  • WHEN: The episode went live at 4 p.m., Mar. 25, 2020


In this episode, we explore questions such as:

  • What can individuals do implement better recycling habits in their personal life?
  • How does a lack of environmentally conscious waste management impact a community?
  • What will a future with widespread recycling look like, and how do we begin working toward that future today?

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