Students use Instagram to Increase Awareness About Unhealthy Food


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Do you know how many calories are in your favorite hamburger, candy or blended coffee drink?

Two marketing students who met studying at Miami Ad School in Madrid are attracting more than 80,000 followers on their Instagram account that puts calories in the spotlight on different junk food products.

The photos on their Instagram account called, Caloriebrands, have gone “viral” according to the recent article, where student Alessia Mordini explained that they wanted to help change bad habits around junk food.

Photos on the account show popular American food products with actual calorie counts on the front in big bold letters. Images like pancakes are on the site, shown to have 3,155 calories, much more than a daily amount of calories, or a package of cookies labeled at 1,843 calories.

Foods are not the only products re-marketed, beverages like alcohol have new graphics as well.

“Consumers need to be aware about what they are going to buy…but the calories of each product are shown in a little space [on the back},” Mordini told Digiday.

See all the new calorie designs on Tumbler or Instagram.

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