Study: Most Supermarket Coupons Promote Junk Food, Sugary Drinks


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Grocery store coupons are a great way to save money, but a new study found that the majority of coupons promote unhealthy foods and drinks.sugary drinks

The study, published in February 2014 in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease, looked at more than 1,000 online coupons offered by six major chain grocery stores in April 2013.

Processed snack foods, such as chips, crackers and desserts, made up the largest slice of the coupon pie (25 percent). Meanwhile, 14 percent of coupons were for frozen dinners and other prepared meals; 12 percent were for beverages (half of which were for sugary juices and drinks); 11 percent were for cereals; 10 percent were for condiments, such as salad dressing and mayonnaise; and 8 percent plied customers with discounts on processed meats, such as hot dogs and bacon.

For many low income families, coupons are a weekly strategy to cut costs at the supermarket. Stores that distribute coupons for healthier fare like fresh fruits and vegetables might significantly affect those low income folks, who already are at a high risk of struggling with health issues.

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