The Health and Financial Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol


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Alcohol consumption among Latinos is lower than in non-Hispanic whites, according to the National Institutes of Health. But, Latinos who drink are more likely to consume higher volumes of alcohol than non-Hispanic Whites.

According to doctors taking a break from alcohol or giving up alcohol consumption completely can be tough, but the advantages to your health and pocket are worth the effort.

Here’s what you can expect to happen long-term and short-term if you take a break from alcoholic beverages, according to Prevention:

Risk for cancer falls:

Drinking alcohol has been linked to an increase risk of liver, colon, mouth and rectum cancer. “The risk increases the more you drink.”

More money in your pocket:

A night at the bar can be detrimental for your health, but also for your personal finances. If you do the numbers and factor how much you spend on drinks at home and in town, including tax and tip, you’ll be surprised!

You’ll start losing weight:

The more alcohol you consume, the more pounds you gain. Alcohol increases your calorie intake. For example, one margarita contains 300 calories, and a piña colada 450 calories! One study found men who consume alcohol moderately add 433 calories to their daily intake and women 300 calories.

If you or someone you know suffers from alcoholism you can visit NCADD for more resources.



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