Toolkit: Rural Childhood Obesity Prevention


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Rural toolkitAlthough some communities have already seen obesity rates drop, many still lack access to healthy foods and safe places to play.  This is especially true for rural communities, where obesity rates remain higher than in urban areas.

To equip rural communities with the tools they need to fight childhood obesity, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Leadership for Healthy Communities has developed the Rural Childhood Obesity Prevention Toolkit.

With this toolkit, readers can learn more about what puts rural youth at risk for becoming overweight or obese. The toolkit also provides insight into specific policy actions that can serve to improve active living and healthy eating in rural communities.

The Rural Childhood Obesity Prevention Toolkit features two sections:

  • Part 1: Active Living and the Built Environment
  • Part 2: Healthy Eating

Each of these sections provides examples of policy actions, success stories, and resources that can help engage key stakeholders in actions leading to meaningful change.

Access the full toolkit and the executive summary below:
Rural Childhood Obesity Prevention Toolkit
Rural Childhood Obesity Prevention Toolkit (Executive Summary)

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