VIDEOS: Training on Patient Navigation & Latino Cancer Issues


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Redes En Acción: The National Latino Cancer Research Network has released three videos on cancer issues and research methods that were used to train Redes En Acción researchers and patient navigators in Miami and San Antonio and Austin, Texas, who are involved in a study examining how patient navigators who use the LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Services Program can improve the quality of life of Latino breast, colorectal and prostate cancer survivors.

The videos are designed specifically for the study, funded by the National Cancer Institute; but the videos may be useful in any patient navigator studies involving Latinos.

Video 1 teaches researchers and patient navigators the proper steps on how to manage a potential mental health emergency or psychological related emergency that may arise during a survivor’s participation in the research study, as well as specific trainings on two cancer types, prostate and colorectal.

Video 2 covers various lectures related to the research project including: a project overview; a LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center overview; a training on an online database; and research implementation overview.

Video 3 features a presentation on breast cancer.

For more info about Redes En Acción, go here.

Redes En Acción is led by the the Institute for Health Promotion Research at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, the team behind SaludToday.

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