Why Some Latinas Are ‘Going Vegan’


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Several Latinas are praising the health virtues of “going vegan” after formerly eating meat, according to a recent Miami Herald column.

Portrait of happy woman with plate of salad, against gray wall backgroundThese include Carolina Quijada, vegan chef of LovinGreens, Jeanette Ruiz, who conducts the Planted in Miami podcast, and Desiree Rodriguez, a ricanvegan.com blogger.

Although a plant-based diet is a break from typical Latino tradition, the column indicates that these Latinas chose that lifestyle to boost fitness, overcome sickness and hypoglycemia, and prevent cancer and heart disease.

“I wish there was more awareness for [Latinos],” Rodriguez told Miami Herald columnist, Ellen Kanner, a vegan herself. “A lot have the same diseases my family has. It’s so common—I hear them comparing medications. I feel like going vegan is a simple solution—it’s right there.”

It’s not just for Latinas, either.

Check out how youth leaders in San Antonio, Texas, worked with school leaders to get healthy, vegan and vegetarian-approved lunch items into their cafeteria, not only to satisfy their desire to eat healthy but to empower other students to make healthier choices.

“Overall I felt we did a good thing” and classmates were supportive, said youth leader Ivan Bermejo.

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