Angry Birds Promote Candy to Kids


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Very popular amongst iPhone game players is the infamous Angry Birds games. Unfortunately, they have been placed across candy boxes throughout stores to promote high-sugar gummies. The first two ingredients in these “fruit” gummies are sugar and corn syrup.

Recent studies show that Latino kids and youth of color are marketed junk food, candy and soda’s at higher rates than white children. Marketers know what is popular and are not afraid to use fun cartoon characters to market unhealthy junk food and soda to kids. What is popular is what sells, and, unfortunately, many kids do not see the health risks involved eating these foods as some are even marketed with healthy words, like fat-free.  (see picture to the right)

High sugar sweets and sodas are more likely to increase the already high risk of diabetes for Latino kids. Marketing of healthier foods is needed for Latino kids to see what is fun and safe to eat for a healthier future.

To learn about this story, visit the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).

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