#SaludTues Bilingual Tweetchat 10/16: Latinos & Clinical Trials

Doctor In Surgery Examining Young Girl

The rise of the Latino population makes it urgent to tackle disparities in obesity, diabetes, and cancer. But did you know fewer than 5% percent of Latinos participate in federal clinical trials? Researchers thus have less chance to develop new cancer treatments for this population, which suffers a heavy burden of certain cancers, obesity, and mental health issues. That's why we're excited to use #SaludTues on Oct. 16, 2018, to tweet about how to increase Latino participation in clinical trials to prevent health disparities, as Hispanic Heritage Month draws to a close! WHAT: Bilingual Tweetchat: “Hispanic Heritage Month: Latinos and Clinical Trials” TIME/DATE: 1-2 p.m. ET (Noon-1 p.m. CT), Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2017 WHERE: On Twitter with hashtag #SaludTues HOST: ...

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SNAP Stories: Program Improves Life for Latinos and Others

SNAP Stories

Under the revised House Farm Bill, 1 in 11 households who receive SNAP benefits would no longer be eligible for the program. SNAP not only lifts millions of people out of poverty, it also helps them stay out and improves the economy. And there are real stories behind these facts. The State of Obesity's "SNAP Stories" website showcases people and families who benefit from SNAP. Who Benefits from SNAP? The State of Obesity report features SNAP Stories of people and families who benefit from SNAP. SNAP Stories is a collection of stories about the benefits SNAP provides for individuals and families all across America. Stories were produced by StoryCorps and Upworthy with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. SNAP recipients are the subject of many stigmas and ...

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The Upstream-Downstream Parable for Health Equity

upstream downstream parable for public health

Public health advocates often talk about health in an “upstream-downstream” fashion. They want to highlight the importance of disease prevention and the influence of social, economic, environmental and cultural factors health equity for Latino and all people. It is a parable: A man and a woman were fishing on the river bank when they saw a woman struggling in the current. They rescued her. Soon, they saw a man struggling. They rescued him, too. This continued all afternoon. Finally, the exhausted pair decided to go upstream to find out where and why so many people were falling in. They discovered a beautiful overlook along the river’s edge without any warning signs or protective barriers. The couple went to community leaders to report the number of victims they had ...

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CHEF Brings Nutrition Education into San Antonio Schools

chef kids in school

Unhealthy food contributes to disease, especially in Latino families who lack access to healthy foods and nutrition education. Healthy food, on the other hand, is medicine. That's the belief of the Culinary Health Education for Families (CHEF) program in San Antonio (63% Latino). CHEF teaches children and families basic nutrition and practical cooking skills. The long-term goal is to motivate individuals and communities to adopt and sustain healthier eating and wellness habits. “[We want to] make sure that every family, regardless of income level, or education level, can put a healthy, nutritious, familiar meal on the table that’s better for them perhaps than what was there before," said Suzanne Mead Feldmann of the Goldsbury Foundation, a group behind CHEF. CHEF now ...

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CDC: As Syphilis Spikes among Newborns, More Early Prenatal Care Needed

pregnant hispanic latina at the doctor for prenatal care

Syphilis cases passed from pregnant women to newborns have doubled in four years, reaching a 20-year high, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Cases in newborns jumped from 362 in 2013 to 918 in 2017. Cases were reported in 37 states. Louisiana had the most with 93.4 cases for every 100,000 births. Four of the five other states with the most cases have largely Latino populations—–California (39% Latino), Texas (39%), Arizona (31%), and Florida (24%). “When passed to a baby, syphilis can result in miscarriage, newborn death, and severe lifelong physical and mental health problems,” said Dr. Jonathan Mermin of the CDC. “No parent should have to bear the death of a child when it would have been prevented with a simple ...

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Get Help to Harness the Power of Policy to Improve Public Health

Policy Learning Lab Overview and Lessons Learned

Health leaders teamed up with law and policy experts to create the Policy Learning Labs, a technical assistance initiative focused on upstream strategies to improve health. Technical assistance is a type of help that can build skills and provide tools. It can include information sharing, instruction, training, consulting services, and the development of manuals, reports, resource directories, and guidebooks. With the Policy Learning Labs, you or your community group can see how to create and use strategies that produce large-scale, sustainable population health improvements. Moving Health Care Upstream Beyond hospital walls, health professionals should address the root causes of disease in communities. That’s what Moving Health Care Upstream (MHCU) does. MHCU, launched ...

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#SaludTues Bilingual Tweetchat 10/9: Celebrate Your Beautiful Eyes

latina girl glasses

Do you know that diabetes can affect your eye health? Do you know why it's important to have a dilated eye exam? Let’s use #SaludTues on Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018, to tweet answers to these important questions and share innovative ways to improve eye health among Latinos and all people! WHAT: #SaludTues Bilingual Tweetchat─Celebrate Your Beautiful Eyes (Celebra tus bellos ojos)! TIME/DATE: 1-2 p.m. ET (Noon-1 p.m. CT), Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018 WHERE: On Twitter with hashtag #SaludTues HOST: @SaludAmerica CO-HOSTS: National Eye Institute (@NatEyeInstitute), National Hispanic Medical Association (@NHMAmd) OPTIONAL HASHTAGS: #HHM2018 (Hispanic Heritage Month) We’ll open the floor to your comments, tips, and stories as we explore: Why should Latinos care ...

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Webcast: Dr. Amelie Ramirez on Advocacy for Latino Health Equity

Amelie Ramirez komen scholar

Dr. Amelie G. Ramirez, director of Salud America! at UT Health San Antonio, will explore how to stimulate community advocacy for health equity in Latino and all communities in a new webcast as part of the Director’s Seminar Series by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities! The webcast is set for 11 a.m. EST Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018. View the webcast here. Latinos are a rising U.S. powerhouse. But they face barriers to be their healthiest and suffer high rates of obesity and other health disparities. Dr. Ramirez's Salud America! program is a national Latino-focused organization that creates culturally relevant and research-based stories, videos, and tools. These elements aim to inspire people to start and support healthy changes to policies, systems, ...

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