CHIP Benefits More than Half of All Kids in 15 States


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The importance of quality healthcare is essential to obtaining a better education, achieving sustained professional success, and long-term financial stability.

Good health starts when you’re a kid and right now, millions of kids across the country depend on two government-sponsored health insurance programs: Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

According to a study by Child Trends, 43% of all kids in the country receive health insurance from either Medicaid or CHIP and 15 states – including heavily Latino-populated states such as California, Florida, and New Mexico – have more than half of their kids enrolled in these programs.

As of August 2017, the states are:

  • Alabama 54.9%
  • Arkansas 57.8%
  • California 53.6%
  • Florida 57.8%
  • Kentucky 51.9%
  • Louisiana 63.5%
  • Mississippi 59.5%
  • Montana 52.7%
  • New Mexico 66.9%
  • New York 56.4%
  • North Carolina 59.2%
  • Oklahoma 50.4%
  • Rhode Island 56.6%
  • South Carolina 53.7%
  • West Virginia 56.6%

“In four additional states, just under half of children receive health insurance through such programs: Delaware (49.3 percent), Pennsylvania (49.2), Vermont (49.1), and Washington (49.0),” the report said.

CHIP has proven to be an essential program for children as those who are on it are more likely to be healthy and receive the medical care that they need. Kids on CHIP are also more likely to see benefits in their education and economic security.

For Latinos, CHIP has been especially beneficial. The uninsured rates of Latino kids have dropped steadily in the past decade and 54% have either Medicaid or CHIP. Overall, Latino kids make up the largest number of kids on CHIP at 37%.

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of Latinos remain without health insurance coverage

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