HEB’s Healthy Marketing Practices


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Some grocery stores are working towards helping consumers make the healthy choice the easy choice for consumers. H-E-B, a popular and large grocery chain located throughout Texas has been practicing healthy marketing practices like marking food products with nutritional tags, helping consumers online with the Health and Wellness section of their website and including select ingredients marking for products made with no artificial ingredients.

Nutritional tags like on the H-E-B made products help consumers clearly see healthier food options like foods with low sodium, low saturated fat, sugar-free products, and products that may be a fiber source or something that is heart healthy. These markings can help consumers conveniently see products that may be a better option for them in their diet.

A health and wellness section on H-E-B’s website also helps online shoppers to learn how to eat, live and shop better. In the “eat better” section online shoppers can learn about healthy weeknight dinners, the truth about sugar, how to swap holiday favorites for healthier holiday foods and more! For the “live better” section, one can sign up for the kids cooking classes or the slim down showdown challenge and watch videos or read articles on how to keep active and healthy. Within the “shop better” section, articles include information on how to select nutrition options, how to read nutritional labels, stay on budget, and learn from dietitian tips.

H-E-B also highlights it’s select ingredients products that keep out high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils and artificial flavors, colors and ingredients. The store touts it’s over 350 food options that are a part of the artificial ingredients product line.

Working on making Texas a healthier state, where 38.9% of Latino children ages 2 to 19 are either obese or overweight compared to 28.5 % white, will continue to be a challenge. However, when families are able to see helpful marketing tools they can know more about the healthful options and may learn more about how to take control of their nutrition and health.

To learn more about the importance of healthier foods and marketing for preventing Latino childhood obesity, click here.

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