New Tool Focuses Equity Lens on Local Policies for Latinos


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Hey, city leader…

Are your policies and programs equitable for Latinos, Blacks, and other minorities?

Fortunately, a new tool helps local governments add an “equity lens” to involve the community and create policies and programs that account for racial/ethnic minorities.

The tool, Racial Equity: Getting to Results from the Government Alliance on Race and Equality, enhances the Results-Based Accountability (RBA) methodology to empower policymakers to make “good decisions and advance racial equity.”

“Currently across the country, regardless of region, racial inequities exist across every indicator for success—including health, criminal justice, education, jobs, housing, and beyond,” according to the new tool. “We know these inequities are incongruent with our aspirations.”

Applying an ‘Equity Lens’

The RBA methodology allows users to “start from the end results” and work backwards to the “how” to ensure racial/ethnic equity.

The tool takes a six-part approach to institutional change:

  • Normalize
    • Use a racial equity framework
    • Operate with urgency and accountability
  • Organize
    • Build organizational capacity
    • Partner with other organizations and communities
  • Operationalize
    • Implement racial equity tools
    • Be data-driven

“We know change is possible with intentionality and focus,” according to the tool website. “We must recognize that from the inception of our country, government at the local, regional, state, and federal level has played a role in creating and maintaining racial inequities.”

The tool highlights root cause analysis and digs deeply into the sources of racially inequitable outcomes.

It walks practitioners through best practices of doing this with community stakeholder leadership and offers two short case studies.

“Tools are not the work, but they help us do work,” said a news release from the Government Alliance. “Racial Equity: Getting to Results helps begin the process of using racial equity informed Results-Based Accountability to do more impactful work in your jurisdiction.”

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