A Unique Way to Help Latino Families Avoid Unneeded ER Trips


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Too often, a lack of healthcare coverage forces Latinos into the emergency room for non-emergency healthcare.

Now, thanks to a new grant, the Center for Healthy Neighborhoods at California State University-Fullerton (CSUF) will create a promotores program to help local Latino families avoid unnecessary ER trips, according to The Orange County Register.

Why are ER trips an issue?

Emergency room doctor examining womanThe community in Fullerton, Calif. (35.24% Latino population), faces numerous obstacles that prevent them from obtaining quality health care, which leads to extremely high rates of preventable ER visits, according to Kaiser Health Foundation-Anaheim.

These obstacles include being “linguistically isolated,” lacking awareness, and affordability.

How the new program will reduce ER trips

The $40,000 grant from Kaiser Health will enable CSUF to train 15 area residents as health promoters—known as promotores de salud in the Latino community.

These residents will go into the community and connect residents to available resources.

This program, called Latino/Latina Neighborhood Health, aims to increase access to health care and social services for the largely underserved Latino community in Fullerton.


The nine-month program will also collect data in an effort to further reduce health disparities among Fullerton’s Latino communities. The new center will partner with the Fullerton School District and local health and social service agencies.

“[Latinos] that live in the neighborhoods that surround the center will learn new ways to be more resilient,” said Jessie Jones, center director.

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of Latinos remain without health insurance coverage

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