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Are you concerned about speeding cars in your neighborhood?

Residents in San Antonio can request traffic calming measures, like speed humps, speed enforcement, signage, pavement markings and medians using the Traffic Calming Handbook.

Developed by the City of San Antonio Department of Public Works, the Traffic Calming Handbook aims to improve street features to reduce the negative effect of speeding and cut through traffic. The Handbook is also available in Spanish.

Improving street features to improve safety is critical to promote walking, physical activity, and overall health and wellbeing.

This Handbook outlines the process a resident must go through to request a traffic calming measure.

It begins by filling out a 2-page form. The first page requires information about the street and contact person information. The second page requires evidence of neighborhood support, which includes signatures from property owners representing at least 2/3 of the properties next to the street segment in question.

The Transportation Capital Improvements Department will evaluate your request. If they proceed, they will coordinate with appropriate City Council office, identify potential funding, and install or construct.

Do you know someone in San Antonio who may be interested in requesting traffic calming measures in their neighborhood? Share this resources with them and help them go door to door to get signatures.

If you aren’t in San Antonio, google traffic calming in your city to read about their request process.

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