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Rosalie Aguilar, Salud America!’s national project coordinator, recently joined as a guest on Dr. Charlotte Hughes Huntley‘s podcast, Public Health Epidemiology Careers.

On the podcast, Aguilar spoke about:

  • Salud America!‘s focus on Latino health equity.
  • Salud America!‘s network of over 250,000 parents, local leaders, health professionals, and school personnel. This network is working to make healthy policy and system changes in their communities.
  • Salud America!‘s communications team and its daily content curation strategy. The team creates Latino healthy change success stories and action opportunities to fuel grassroots change.
  • How the team disseminates this content in social media. This includes weekly #SaludTues Tweetchats that reach 8 million impressions on Twitter every week.

Rosalie Aguilar#SaludTues is what originally connected Aguilar and Dr. Huntley.

“I first met Rosalie when she reached out to me and asked me to cohost a Tweetchat with Salud America!,” Dr. Huntley said on her website. Aguilar contacted Huntley after tuning into to one of her podcasts on International Quit Soda Day.

Shortly after, Dr. Huntley co-hosted a fall 2018 #SaludTues Tweetchat on “The Impact of Sugar & Healthier Alternatives” with others.

Access the podcast here

A Career in Public Health

In addition to discussing Salud America!, Aguilar also discusses her personal journey into a career in public health.

With Dr. Huntley, Aguilar shares how her childhood experiences growing up along the Texas Mexico border, family members, and a trip to China all helped shape her desire to purse a career in Latino health promotion and public health.

She also talks about participating in various research experiences and training. This includes the Exito! Latino Cancer Research Leadership Training program.

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Dr. Huntley’s Podcast ‘Public Health Epidemiology Careers’

Dr. Huntley’s podcast aims to help students discover the many career options in public health today.

Podcast laptopShe does this by interviewing public health professionals, learning about their work, and then discussing the unique journey that got them to where they are today.

The podcast also discusses how students can go about building a professional network. It also helps them find career opportunities in public health.

Dr. Huntley’s podcast originally debuted in the fall 2017. Since then, her podcasts have reached many public health leaders across the U.S. She also brings 16 years of experience in both healthcare and public health settings to the table. She actively works as an epidemiologist and consultant.

Access the podcast of Dr. Huntley’s interview with Rosalie Aguilar here.

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