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Looking for an easy way to improve your school’s health? Look no further!

Watch the new Salud America! webinar How to Get a Water Bottle Fountain at Your School to get all the info you need to bring all-day access to clean water to your school or district.

The webinar features our very own Salud Hero, Cathy Lopez, an elementary school teacher at South San ISD in San Antonio, who raised funds and worked with school and community leaders to add her school’s very first water bottle fountain!

The webinar also provides information on:

  • Why all schools need water bottle fountains;
  • How Lopez rallied support from students, parents, and school and community leaders;
  • How Lopez worked with her school’s maintenance staff to install a water bottle fountain in less than 6 months and how they maintain it.

By the end of the webinar, you’ll be able to register for the free Salud America! Water Bottle Fountain Action Pack.

The action pack contains five easy steps to help you build a case to add Water Bottle Fountains in your school.

The action pack has items like:

  • Draft emails to start the conversation!
  • Letter Webpage to get people to sign up and support you.
  • Social Graphics, Handouts, FAQs
  • PowerPoint to present to leaders, parents, etc.
  • Access to an Action Pack coach to get help!

Please share Salud America!‘s webinar, How to Get a Water Bottle Fountain at Your School, with your colleagues, friends and family.

And don’t forget to sign up for the Salud America! Water Bottle Fountain Action Pack!

The “How to Get a Water Bottle Fountain at Your School” webinar is the first in series of Salud America! monthly webinars about how to create healthy change in communities and schools. The webinar series will run through August 2018.

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