Sesame Street Offers Hundreds of Bilingual Activities for Parents, Providers


Eating Colorful Fruits and Vegetables video from Sesame Street
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Big Bird, Elmo, and friends have connected with children on TV for years—now Sesame Street is helping parents and community providers help kids and families grow smarter, stronger, and kinder.

Sesame Street in Communities provides hundreds of bilingual, multi-media tools to help parents and community providers engage kids and families in everyday activities to boost early childhood development. 

All content is available for free in English and Spanish.

Parents and Caregivers

Parents and caregivers can find activities and videos for all age ranges on 28 topics. These go from healthy eating to traumatic experiences.

Slow Down and Settle Down video from Sesame Street
Abby is looking at her glitter bottle in this video about slowing down and settling down. Source: Sesame Street
  • Eating Well: Food insecurity can make things seem hopeless. But programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the National School Lunch Program can help. Resources include tips to eating well on a budget, helping families get healthy food, songs about trying new foods, and games and books about meal planning. Cookie Monster even helps build a community garden.
  • Language: Reading books provides special moments to talk, sing, and learn together. It can also extend education into everyday moments. Resources include conversation cards, videos about making up stories, and games involving the five senses. Watch Rosita and her Abuela turn the night sky into a storytelling adventure.
  • Moving our Bodies: Being active together helps channel kids’ natural energy. This keeps them healthy and strong. Resources include tips to get moving anywhere, and advice about staying active together. Materials also feature movement games and videos of playground activities, such as animal yoga. Wiggle, jump, and shimmy with Elmo.
  • Traumatic Experiences: The more you know about the effects of traumatic experiences, the more help, hope, and healing you can offer to kids and families. Resources include information about the consequences of traumatic experiences. There are also breathing exercises, tips to nurture hope, activities to create feelings of safety, and videos to understand reactions to adverse occurrences at different ages. Watch Abby use a “calm bottle” to slow down and settle down.Bilingual printables and activities for kids and families to stay active.

Community Providers

For community providers, Sesame Street in Communities provides the same material as well as professional development training videos and webinars.

  • Training videos: Providers can find tips for talking with families. This can quickly increase knowledge about specific topics, such as homeless children, healthy foods, learning through play, and dealing with divorce. Training videos are three to nine minutes.
  • Webinars: These online workshops help in building strategies for working with families. Providers can earn certificates of completion in topics, such as traumatic experience, movement for literacy, and empowering families. Webinars are one hour.
  • Courses: Three interactive trainings include building resilience in children, supporting language and literacy goals, and using pretend play to develop math skills. Courses are three hours.

Children need adults who can teach them using best-practice educational techniques.

Check out Sesame Street in Communities resources.

Then share them with parents, caregivers, and providers!

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