Sugar Bites; Ad campaign against sugar-sweetened beverages


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An ad campaign created as a collaborative effort of First 5 Contra Costa and Healthy and Active Before 5, depicts soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages with sharp, scary teeth. Sugar Bites is a social marketing campaign that aims to encourage parents to provide their children with healthier beverages.

The ads are featured in both English and Spanish, in order to reach as many people as possible. Advertisements like these can help educate people and use the same tactics large corporations use to advertise unhealthy drinks and snacks. It is hoped that these memorable ads will stick with people, to lower the amount of soda intake in Contra Costa, Ca., which currently greatly affects the amount of tooth decay, obesity, and type II diabetes in children.

Sugar Bites was posted throughout the county in bus stops, convienence stores, BART stations, and on bank cash envelopes. First 5 also produced brochures for organizations to give out to those who wanted to learn more about the harmful effects of sugary beverages. To read more about these effects, and about the Sugar Bites marketing campaign, visit their website at

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