The Guardian Interviews Dr. Daisy Morales-Campos


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Recent data shows Latinos and communities under the U.S. poverty line are more aware of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine and rates of the vaccine in these communities are higher than in more affluent ones, The Guardian reports.

Dr. Daisy Morales-Campos
Dr. Daisy Morales-Campos

For the article The Guardian interviewed Dr. Daisy Morales-Campos, a research instructor at the Institute for Health Promotion Research, the team behind SaludToday.

Dr. Campos directs Entre Familia, an HPV campaign aimed at Latinos in south Texas. According to Campos, there are still a lot of barriers to access. “People there often do not have the transportation needed to easily travel to a clinic, especially three times, and that many people rely on nurse clinics, which usually close before the school day ends. Sometimes, clinics do not have the vaccine in stock.”

Learn more about Entre Familia here.

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