Allocating the $1.5 Million From Soda Taxes


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Funding raised from the city’s soda tax are now being allocated throughout different health projects. According to a recent article, funding will be divided into three ways, all in a joint effort to continually focus on health.

A grant for $637,500 will be given to the Berkeley Unified School District for cooking, gardening and nutrition programs, $637,500 will be given to community based agencies that have been approved through a competitive proposal process, and $225,00 will be given to the city’s Public Health Division to coordinate, evaluate and report on the programs.

Possible future funding will be looked at more for helping minority youth who are more at risk for health related diseases associated with sugary beverage consumption, like obesity diabetes and tooth decay. Two Councilmen, Max Anderson and Darryl Moore, want to help keep the city focused on the vulnerable communities when making future funding decisions, reported a recent article.

Latino youth consume more sugary beverages than their peers, studies show. Helping reduce consumption of sugary beverages for Latino youth has been shown to increase healthier weight size for Latino youth.

New study reports also show increase to healthier beverage options, like water jets in schools, may also help decrease body mass index  (BMI) for youth.

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for every Latino neighborhood, compared to 3 for every non-Latino neighborhood

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