Australia Estimates Implementing a Soda Tax Would Achieve A 14 Times Return on Health Care Expenditures


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Many countries are talking more about reducing sugary beverage consumption after the World Health Organization (WHO) announced on October 11th, 2016 it’s suggestion to tax all sugary drinks by 20 percent to help reduce consumption.

Now talks in Australia have bubbled up around reducing sugary drink consumption, as The Green Party campaigned announced a policy to tax sugary drinks at the recent federal election, reports Foodtank.

The country currently stands at a 63% rate of obese or overweight adults and a 27% rate of children that are overweight or obese.

The estimated billions in money saved on health care expenditures could benefit the direct cost of overweight and obesity expenditures.

longitudinal study also showed, that over $15.8 billion dollars are spent annually on overweight and obesity health care expenditures.

WHO also suggested decreasing prices of fruits and vegetables in order to increase sales of healthier foods, and decrease obesity.

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of Latino kids have had a sugary drink by age 2 (vs. 45% of white kids)

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