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Babies Born with Syphilis on the Rise in the US

Between 2012 and 2014, new cases of congenital syphilis increased by a whopping 38%, Univision News reports. In a new report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that this is the highest rate of new syphilis cases in a decade. Babies born with congenital syphilis face a greater risk of serious health conditions, such as brain damage. According to the authors of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the disease was found in 11.6 out of 100,000 births in 2014 compared to 8.8 in 2012. The report also reveals all ethnic and racial groups showed an increased in new cases, especially among Whites (61%) compared to Latinas and African Americans (39% and 19%). However,  Latina and African American mothers gave birth to more babies infected than White ...

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Menos fumadores en EE.UU

Mas Estado Unidenses fuman menos este año a comparación del 2014, reporta Latin Times. En un reciente estudio por la CDC solo el 15.2% de los adultos fuman de forma regular a comparación de 16.8% en el 2014. “Los latinos (10.4%) fuman menos que los blancos(17.1%) o que afroamericanos (18.1%).” Entre las personas de la segunda edad solamente el 7.5% reporto fumar regularmente. En 2009, los índices de fumadores regulares eran mucho mas altos (20.6%) lo que demuestra que el numero de personas que fuman todos los días ha bajado en los últimos seis ...

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Study: The Big Impact of Latino Sibling Interactions On Adult Personality

About 20% of Latina moms have four or more children compared to 18% of black mothers and 11% of non-Hispanic white mothers, LatinaLista reports. How does sibling interaction affect Latinos into adulthood? A recent study by the University of Missouri studied Mexican-American siblings ages 12-15 over a period of 5-8 years to determine what kind of impact their interaction had in their adulthood personality. "Individuals learn how to interact with others based on the relationships they have with their siblings,” said Dr. Sarah Killoren, an assistant professor of human development and family science at the University of Missouri and study leader. “Siblings who are hostile and negative with one another will use that interaction style with their peers. Most peers won’t respond ...

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Maternal Mortality Rate Higher in the U.S. than in Canada

A survey by the World Health Organization (WHO) finds women in the U.S. twice as likely to die from causes related to pregnancy than in Canada, Reuters reports.   Among Latinas the maternal mortality rate is at 8.9 deaths per 100,000 live births, slightly lower than among white non-Hispanic and Black non-Hispanic. According to the survey, the U.S. is among the group of countries “to have worse rates of maternal mortality in 2015 than in 1990—a group that also includes North Korea, Zimbabwe and Venezuela.” The U.N.’s goal is to get the global average of maternal deaths below 70 per 100,000 live births. The U.S. and other industrialized countries are way below that number, but in 2015 the U.S. average increased from 12 deaths to 14 deaths per 100,000 live ...

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Latino Communities in California Highly Affected by Glyphosate

A recent report in California finds that over 50 percent of the glyphosate sprayed in the state is applied in eight impoverished counties with large Latino populations. Glyphosate, more commonly known as Roundup, is an herbicide classified as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization and may soon have the same classification in California. “We’ve uncovered a disturbing trend where poor and minority communities disproportionately live in regions where glyphosate is sprayed,” said Dr. Nathan Donley, a staff scientist with the Center for Biological Diversity in a press release. “In high doses glyphosate is dangerous to people, and California can’t, in good conscience, keep allowing these communities to pay the price for our overreliance on pesticide The report was ...

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¿Como nos afecta a los latinos la salud mental?

De acuerdo a un reciente estudio publicado en General Hospital Psychiatry, el estigma apegado a la salud mental es especialmente relevante en la comunidad latina. Según cifras de la American Psychiatric Association solamente 1 de cada 11 latinos con problemas de salud mental ve aun especialista, y menos del 55 por ciento de los latinos con problemas graves de depresión recibe tratamiento. Entre los jóvenes latinos, el porcentaje de quienes han considerado el suicidio o han intentado suicidarse es mucho más alto a comparación de jóvenes blancos o afro americanos. Entre las mujeres latinas la incidencia de depresión es mucho más alta (46%) a comparación con los hombres (19.6%) según la National Alliance on Mental Illness. Si conoces alguien con problemas mentales ...

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The FDA Approves New HIV Pill

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new once-a-day pill that combines four HIV drugs into one, NBC News reports. This new medication could make life easier for the more than 200,000 Latinos living with HIV in the U.S. "Genvoya contains a new form of tenofovir that has not been previously approved. This new form of tenofovir provides lower levels of drug in the bloodstream, but higher levels within the cells where HIV-1 replicates," FDA said in a statement. This new drug combines: emtricitabine, elvitegravir, cobicistat and tenofovir alafenamide. According to the CDC, Latinos account for 23 percent of new HIV infections in the United States, but less than half are receiving medicines to treat their infection. To learn more about HIV in the Latino community ...

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Un nuevo personaje autista se integra a Plaza Sésamo

Julia, un nuevo personaje autista se integra a la pandilla de amigos de Plaza Sesamo, reporta Univision noticias. En un esfuerzo por concientizar al público sobre el autismo el cual afecta a 1 de cada 68 niños en Estados Unidos, incluyendo a los latinos quienes son usualmente diagnosticados a una edad más avanzada , Plaza Sesamo decidio crear el personaje de Julia. "Estamos tratando de difundir la historia detrás la teoría, a través del amor y la aceptación. Hay muchos niños con autismo y con la creación de Julia, se los integra para que jueguen juntos," comento la Dra. Jeanette Betancourt, quien es parte del proyecto. En el primer libro donde aparece Julia, Elmo juega con ella y  juntos construyen bloques , cuando Abby entra a la escena, Elmo le explica que su ...

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Foreign Born Latinos at Higher Risk for Respiratory Illnesses

Respiratory illnesses disproportionately affect foreign born Latinos unless they live in “enclave like settings,” according to research published by the American Journal of Public Health, Latin Post reports. Latinos who work in the areas of construction, farming, and factories are at higher risk for respiratory conditions. In the Mexican culture, respiratory illnesses are often treated with herbal medicines, but those are not always effective when treating acute conditions such as asthma. “Limón (lemon), Llantén (plantain or plantago), Canela (cassia cinnamon) are traditional Mexican medicinal herbs that frequently used to treat respiratory infections. However, most causes of acute respiratory infection aren't treatable; therefore prevention and practicing good hygiene ...

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