CDC’s Tools To Help Parents Achieve Healthier Schools


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Did you know that only six percent of schools sell fruits and vegetables in vending machines, school stores or snack bars?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has produced new tips for parents to get more involved in their child’s school health initiatives. These set of resources, called, Parents for Healthy Schools, helps schools and school group associations, engage parents in creating and sustaining healthy school environments.

The resources within CDC’s toolkit give helpful ideas and tips for parents to see how to get active in schools by helping kids have:

More facts are also available on the site, showing parents that 74% of schools sell soft drinks to students and 22% of schools allow soft drink companies to advertise on school property.

Did you know that only 55% of schools offer students opportunities to participate in physical activity clubs or intramural sports programs?

Physical Activity resources are also provided within the CDC’s site to help parents review and learn from documents on recess, physical activity breaks in the classroom, student fitness assessments and more.

Research has shown that parent engagement in school health and activities increase students’ abilities for higher grades, healthy behaviors, and a more active social life.

Having access to these helpful tools may help Latino kids have healthier school environments, healthier lives, and better access to fresh foods and physical fitness.

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of Latino parents support public funding for afterschool programs

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