CSPI Calls Out Chili’s For Soda on Kids’ Menus


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The Center for Science in the Public Interest is asking for your help to ensure Chili’s removes soda from kids’ menus.

Latino kids, who are often more marketed sodas than their white peers consume more sugary drinks than their white peers, where 74% of Latinos have had a sugary drink by age two.

Research also shows that Latino high-school students have about three or more sugary drinks a day, and with each extra sugary drink the risk of becoming an obese adult jumps to 60%!

Many restaurants have already taken the healthy step to remove sodas from kids’ menus, including Burger King, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, Jack in the Box, Applebee’s and McDonald’s!

However, Chili’s Grill & Bars continue to have soda on their kids’ menus.

One in every three children in our communities is at risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes—diseases that used to affect only adults.

This generation of children could be the first to live shorter lives than their parents.

So take action in helping encourage healthier beverages for all restaurants, learn more about the movement by clicking here.

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of Latino kids have had a sugary drink by age 2 (vs. 45% of white kids)

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