Food Marketing to Youth: What’s the Harm?


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Looking for a new resource to spread the word about unhealthy food and beverage marketing to kids in your school or community?

The UConn Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity has created a set of presentations to help advocates inform their communities on how unhealthy marketing practices contribute to an epidemic of poor diet among youth, and what communities can do to help ensure that their children grow up at a healthy weight.

Among these resources is a downloadable presentation on “Food Marketing to Youth: What’s the Harm?”, which explains the importance of eating healthy foods, the truth about how millions is spent in unhealthy food marketing towards kids and how to talk to kids and reduce advertising impacts on kids.

Latino kids often see more ads on TV than their white peers about junk foods and sugary sweetened beverages, having resources for parents and health leaders in communities may help build a culture of health around more healthy food marketing for kids.

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