Free Breakfast at Lewiston’s Schools


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As part of the Community Eligibility Provision, free breakfast is given to 40 percent of eligible kids.

Not only is breakfast free or reduced price for kids eligible, but also and healthy, following the Healthy Hunger-Free kids Act of 2010.

The breakfasts include whole grains, fruits and vegetables. However, chocolate milk is still being offered which, Carol Labonte, the schools food service manager disagrees with, stating that kids don’t need the sugar.

It’s true, Latino kids consume sugary beverages more often than thier peers. Drinks like chocolate milk, and sodas have been linked to higher health risks like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Labonte still encourages kids to try new vegetables cooked in different ways, and the school works with a nutrition educator in the classrooms once-a-month as part of the program, Pick A Better Snack. The program encourages schools to market healthier foods through various ways, including social media, TV spots and more.

Ever since the school has offered the free or reduced breakfast, the increase of kids eating the breakfast gone up to 20 percent, stated the schools Director of Nutrition, Alisa Roman, in a recent article.

The school continues to work hard to offer healthier foods to low-income kids. Studies show that healthier marketing efforts in schools can help Latino kids see the healthy choice as the easy choice.

To learn more about healthier food environments for Latino kids at school, click here.

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