Healthy Ideas for Food in Classroom on Valentine’s Day


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Healthy banana split
Healthy Banana Split made by Stacy at School Bites

School Bites, a blog about bringing more healthy food into the school system, provides tips on having less junk food in the classroom on Valentines Day.

Together the two healthy Valentine’s Day posts include 27 unique ideas of how to incorporate healthier foods like fruits, vegetables, smoothies, and water into the classroom parties.

There are also suggestions for active games to play during the day, like Musical Hearts or Valentine’s Hopscotch. These activites can get kids moving, having fun, and thinking less about the sugary snacks that traditionally provided during classroom parties.

These ideas are complied from her network of school-health blogs and ideas from other concerned parents.

See the 2014 guide 12 Naturally Sweet Ideas for a Healthy School Valentine’s Day here and the 2013 guide Healthy Valentine’s Treats: 18 Fresh Food Ideas for an All-Natural School Party here.

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