Healthy & Cohesive Culture

To achieve health, we must unite to curb our biases, embrace different cultures, understand and reduce poverty, and increase our individual and collective voices among decision-makers.

Take action for a cohesive culture for health equity!

All people deserve well-being, regardless of their differences. Here’s how you can help.

Are You Biased?

Many of us have biases─even if we don’t think we do─toward certain groups, like immigrants and those in poverty. Find out if you're biased, and make a change!

Get involved in Civic Action

You don’t need a political office to make a healthy change in your community. Help leaders make change by getting involved in local committees, boards, and commissions!

Share Your Local Health Equity Report

Enter your county name and get a free, custom report with data on health equity, poverty, and health in your town…then share with a local decision-maker!

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