MN school district ditches deep-fat fryers


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The south is a place well-known for deep fried foods, but now Natchez-Adams school district cafeterias in Miss. are ditching the deep fryers.

The districts are working to have healthier options in their schools and increase physical activity breaks among the district, by replacing fryers with steamers, learning new ways to cook healthy foods, and opting to have more fitness breaks outside for students.

The district’s Public Relations Coordinator, Steven Richardson, said in a local news story that the schools are working on highlighting healthy living amongst students.

The child nutrition supervisor, Shantoura Spears, also explained that the funding for the fryers has been paid through grants the school has been receiving and have helped the schools replace them with healthier combination oven steamers to continue to cook foods kids will like to eat, but without the added grease, helping the children’s diet.

The last two schools in the district will be replaced with steamers sometime before August of 2016.

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