New $7 million dollar school food service center for Springfield Students


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The Springfield City Council has voted to authorize seven million dollars to help support a growing meals program for the state’s second largest public school system.

The money will help purchase and renovate a warehouse dedicated to help save taxpayers money and provide healthier school meals for the city’s 30,000 impoverished kids, by housing all food-related operations for the district into one place.

The school’s department of finance chief Patrick Roach explained that the warehouse will help save the program over half a million dollars a year, and help create a culinary and nutrition center that will allow for more scratch cooking and less processed foods.

The warehouse will also allow high school students learning opportunities and provide 40 additional full-time jobs to the area.

The school has seen a rise in the participation of the breakfast program by almost 32 percent and the summer programs and catering opportunities will keep the warehouse running throughout non-school months.

All kids deserve to grow up healthy and many eat most of their daily calories at school. Having a healthy and well balanced diet at school is vital to helping prevent diet-related diseases.

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