New Health Insurance Literacy Guide: Mi Salud, Mi Voz


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Raising Women’s Voices (RWV), a national initiative working to make sure women’s voices are heard and women’s concerns are addressed as policymakers put healthcare laws into action, has finished preparation of Mi Salud, Mi Voz: Una Guía Paso a Paso Para Mujeres Sobre Cómo Usar el Seguro Médico. This guide is a Spanish translation of many popular health literacy materials.

RWV Regional Field Manager Cecilia Saenz Becerra worked with three translators—Tony Macias, Jen Hofer, and Lucy Acevedo to produce the Spanish-language guide.

“Working with the team of translators, we used Spanish language that was precise and accurate, while also trying to make it accessible to diverse Spanish-language readers,” she explained.

Mi Salud, Mi Voz: Una Guía Paso a Paso Para Mujeres Sobre Cómo Usar el Seguro Médico contains the same basic information as the English version of the group’s Step-by-Step Guide to Using Health Insurance. The Spanish guide explains how to use your insurance card and how to choose a primary care provider who is in your health plan’s network and speaks your language.

The guide also explains which preventive health services are available with no extra cost, including contraception, annual “well-woman” checkups, flu shots, breastfeeding supports and much more. The writing is straightforward and conversational so readers of all literacy levels can understand it.

A copy can be viewed and downloaded for free on the “Get a Copy” page of the My Health, My Voice website.


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of Latinos remain without health insurance coverage

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