New Legislation Supports More Healthier School Food Variety


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All kids deserve to have a variety of healthy snack and school food options throughout the day, as most students eat almost more than half of their daily calories at school, but many majority Latino- schools often don’t offer as many healthy fresh fruit and vegetables or salads, reports a study from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. 

However, a new legislation within Sacramento, Calif. schools (22.7% Latino) is opening the door for schools to sell a larger selection of healthy snacks that will follow current nutritional standards. The 2016 nutritional standards ensure school snacks must be at or under 200 calories, have no trans fats, have less than 35% weight from total sugars, can be made with whole grains and are limited to less than 230 mg of sodium.

Some of the new school snacks that will be included in Sacramento schools include but are not limited to, dried/roasted chickpeas, beef jerky, edamame, hummus and dried fruits.

The bill is being supported by California States Superintendent of Schools, Tom Torlakson and was signed by Governor Brown on September 15, 2016.

Senator Mike McGuire helped develop the legislation and reported to Record-Bee, “This legislation helps support local schools by expanding the variety of healthy items that can be sold to students and allows the districts the flexibility to determine the best way to communicate their school wellness policies to families.”

Latino students deal with higher risks for diet-related diseases, like diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Ensuring healthier snacks are available in all schools may help kids see the healthy choice as the easy choice and in turn decrease diet-related health risks.

To learn how healthier snacks and school food can help decrease weight and encourage healthier diets for Latino students, click here.

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