New Study Shows How Videos on Healthy Shopping Can Be Influential


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Looking to make an impact on California Latina’s grocery store shopping habits, researchers looked at how watching videos on healthy purchases could help encourage healthier shopping habits among Latina’s.

As studied by previous researchers, interventions that are focused solely on providing access to healthier foods for underserved people is not sufficient in helping them to eat healthier. However, equipping “food gatekeepers” or those who make the purchasing decisions for food and family meals, with knowledge on nutrition and grocery list planning skills can be a way for low-cost effective interventions.

For the intervention, two groups of Latina’s were asked to watch two videos, the first one on guided shopping and the other video focusing on mindfulness to support intentional shopping choices.

Videos were made to be culturally appropriate, including featuring a Latina nutritional health educator in a Latino supermarket shopping for foods by category, and purchasing culturally relevant and nutritious cost-efficient options. In the other video, a Latina mom mindfully purchased culturally appropriate foods throughout the store.

To measure the impact of video viewing, researchers used questionnaires before and after intervention and grocery receipts were reviewed from before and after of Latina shoppers involved in the intervention.

The study revealed that exposure to either nutrition education video condition improved food-purchasing knowledge that lasted through 2-months after the assessment.

Researchers concluded that intervening with culturally appropriate videos to help educate on nutrition and build skills in grocery shopping can impact Latina’s shopping experience, encouraging them to purchase culturally appropriate healthier foods and therefore improving the quality of foods Latinas’ bring into the home.


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for every Latino neighborhood, compared to 3 for every non-Latino neighborhood

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