New Study: Sugar, carbs and sweets linked to higher cancer risks


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Eating high sugar diets have been known to cause health risks for many years, but a new study based on nearly 3,200 U.S adults whose diet habits and cancer rates were tracked for more than 2o years, show that 565 people were diagnosed with cancer.

In the study, results showed that women whose diets consisted of healthy carbohydrates like vegetables, fruit, whole grains and legumes, had a 67 percent less likelihood of developing breast cancer, compared to women who favored refined carbs like white bread, potatoes and white baked goods.

The study also revealed that men who drank sugary juices or beverages were more than three times as likely to develop disease verses men who didn’t drink sugary juices or beverages.

The lead researcher, Ph.D. candidate in nutrition at New York University, Nour Makarem explained in a recent article that it is already recommended by health experts to eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods and sugary beverages.

Studies show that Latino kids consume more sugary beverages than their peers, and with each extra sugary drink the risk of becoming an obese adult jumps to 60 percent.

It is important to have healthy diets, as chronic disease and other health risks, like cancer can be increased with unhealthy diets.

Still more is needed to be done in this study to determine firm conclusions, but related factors including obesity, smoking and other diet habits were taken into account.

To learn more on this study, click here.

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